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Elle Elizabeth Lawrence

Elle Elizabeth Lawrence
tummy time: three weeks old

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 56, Octomom vs. Monomom

I can't button my pants. My favorite pair of skinny jeans sit in the closet mocking me.

Today, I was tempted to sneak into the mall and purchase new jeans. Comfy jeans that would fit my 15 pound heavier self. Wearing sweat pants and too loose maternity clothes just isn't cute anymore.

But I denied myself the shopping trip when I saw the cover of Star Magazine.

I never thought I'd ever say I'm jealous of Octomom. But, I'm jealous of Octomom. She lost 150 pounds!

So, in celebration of Elle's 8 week birthday, I've decided to take the Octomom challenge. I will lose these 15 pounds by Elle's 100th day of life. Bye bye baby fat, Momma's preparing to purge the post-pregnancy pot belly once and for all.

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  1. There is no way that is really Octomom! I refuse to believe it, bet it's Photo shopped.
    Think my baby started playing with her bath toys around four or five months. It was whenever she started sitting up and we started bathing her in the tub instead of on the counter.